Hello again from the Old Faithful Twilight Zone! It's a hot one today (at least for us - nearly 80 today in Old Faithful).  I have been faithfully sanitizing our employee living quarters so that no one spreads disease. Keeping my fingers crossed that I might be able to sit in my music corner again sometime. 

There have been a lot of bluebirds around this year, as well as the usual gangs of pocket gophers, marmots, coyotes and our resident bear with cub - and, let me not forget - our community of bison milling and grunting around.  They always put a smile on my face. 

During the elongated break I wrote a song called "Flying Daffodils", which is how my mom refers to goldfinches. Indeed, they do look like bright, happy, flying daffodils, so I was inspired to write something cheerful when everything continues to be rather messed up here on Planet Earth.  I also have been taking an online home recording and mixing course. Excellent course! Thanks to the Recording Revolution, my latest mix of this song is world's better than the first. I am giving you, dear friends and listeners, a sneak peek of my latest mix.  Let me know what you think!