Back to the Faithful 

It's been so great to be back playing at the Old Faithful Inn. I do miss the quartet dearly, but I also love being able to plug in my cello and create music on the fly as well as playing covers, classics and originals. It's also wonderful to be reunited with my Old Faithful family. 

 We seem to be already deep into autumn in Yellowstone, with the possibility of snow (any precipitation would be welcome!!!), sun, clouds, fire, hail, rain... One of my favorite things about Yellowstone is the weather and how entirely unpredictable it is. In my 10 years here, I know never to assume it will be warm and sunny, no matter how warm and sunny it is at the time I prepare to go out. 

If I can get the internet to cooperate, I am adding a new track that I played on Sept 2nd in the Inn. This one I have titled;  "Boo's Party".  Boo is my manager and also happens to be a teddy bear. I believe he may have found his way into a liquor bottle or something from the sound of things. Hope you enjoy!