Happy 90 to Fritz Smith! 

The Old Faithful Inn is back in full swing for the summer season of 2019. It hasn't felt like summer, as I think it has snowed more days than not since I've been back. But the sun has returned, bluebirds and bears are out and it's lovely to be back with my friend the Kawai on the 2nd floor of the Inn. 

On another note, I'm very very sorry that I was unable to connect with my Zero Balancing family who were gathered for a benefit and for the celebration of the 90th birthday of Dr Fritz Smith, the creator of ZB and nothing less than a true and dear inspiration and mentor.  I'm so very grateful that i have become part of this incredible community.  I was honored with the invitation to play for this gathering, but alas! I couldn't make it.  I did play this improvisation in honor of Fritz instead.