1. Witness

From the recording Witness

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Just kicking around in the wood by a lakeside
the squirrels run free, a hawk soars overhead
a blanket for picnicking, some crackers and cheese and
a bottle of wine have completed the spread.
We meet and we laugh
we talk and we banter
the weather and politics and breaks from the past
now I have a fantasy of romance and traveling
reaching for worlds that appear ever vast

can I be a witness to you for a time?
I'll give you some comfort some laughter some wine
I need a band aid to shore up these wounds
can I travel with you?

Riding the ferris wheel riding that carousel
circling around through the seasons of life
I've weeded my gardens and blossoms now bloom
in soil that was nothing but salt and thin ice
now I have a fantasy
that you're always here with me
reaching for worlds we've created alike.
How could I've known that you're all that I wished for
a friend and a lover, a partner for life

Can I be a witness your journey through life
I'll give you my laughter my love my delight
you are my compass my river my sky
can I travel with you?

Will you be my witness this journey through life
and give me your laughter your love your delight?
I'll be your lodestar your sun and your fire
if you travel with me.