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Mammoth Hot Springs  

Back in the park at last...  Snow has been falling off and on all day. So happy I put snow shoes on the Little Car! It really makes a BIG DIFFERENCE.  Wonderful to see friends who I haven't seen for a while. Kind of sorry, yet pleased, that checking in for the season is now so quick.. It used to be such a social catch up time (several hours worth of catch up time.).. Now barely time to say hello and figure out where each other is working before your called to finish your check in process. The mountains in Paradise Valley look so beautiful with snow on them at last. They seemed so naked all summer without any snow on them.. In fact, all of the mountains in the area were in the same situation.  A lovely soak at Chico Hot Springs under falling snow. And herds of mule deer, elk and bighorn sheep all threatening to run in front of my car as I drove home. This is a magical place!